Like countless other writers, I have always written in one form or another. But when I first decided to learn how to write fiction ‘properly’, it seemed as if there was some elusive secret that only a select group of writers were ever going to be allowed in on. There’s not. There’s the craft, and there’s practice. The former I can teach you. The latter is up to you.

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I offer courses, editing services, personal tuition, and group critique sessions. You will find a list of available services here. To see what past clients have to say, pop over to my Testimonials page.

In 2014, in partnership with Jane Moss, I founded  The Writing Retreat. A few times a year, we invite guests to join us in a beautiful house in Cornwall where they can escape to write, to learn about writing, and to hang out with other writers. We indulge in great food, stimulating company and roaring log fires. For more information on our retreats, check out our website at