It’s all coming together…

Preparations for the November 2014 writing retreat are well under way now. 


Advertising starts in a few weeks,  menus are coming together, and the venue looks fabulous.

As Autumn closes in all around us,  I find myself looking forward to crisp evenings in front of the fire, to stimulating company, to the shared joy of learning, and to the quiet tap tap tap of keyboards all over the house. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book yourself a well-deserved writing holiday.

What’s it all about, this thing we call writing?

Early Dreams

When I first decided to get serious about writing, I had this lovely vision of me sitting on the beach, or in front of a log fire, or huddled into the corner of a country pub, scribbling into a well-worn but totally classy leather-bound notepad. And that would be my life as a writer.

Or so I thought.


The reality is somewhat different. Less peaceful. Nowhere near so self-indulgent.

But for all that, this real writing life is in its own way just as stimulating and exciting as the one I once fantasised about. Just different. Definitely different.

How have you found your writing journey so far? Did it live up to the early dream, or even surpass it?