Rebecca Heane

Kath Morgan is a fantastic teacher as she shares her knowledge and experience freely. She helped me find my style and I learnt the craft of writing during my time with her. I began knowing nothing about creative writing and now I have the skills and confidence to do something I have always wanted to do, write!

 William Essex

Kath Morgan is fun, and she knows writing. I learned a lot from her when I joined a critique group she was running a few months back, and her insights and feedback have been very useful in my work. If she’s opening a writers retreat, I want the room with a view.

Candy Kemp

Kath Morgan taught me the craft of creative writing. I found her teaching stimulating, and I developed my writing to a point where I could become a part of a writers’ group where we critiqued each other’s stories. This was a massive learning curve for me and I have been able to continue to write at home with more confidence.

Robin Falvey

Kath is an inspirational teacher. Hugely knowledgeable on all aspects of the craft of writing, her patience, encouragement and enthusiasm have been invaluable in helping me complete my novel. I’d recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about writing.

Marilyn Denbigh

Kath’s a natural teacher, with loads of experience to go with it. Her sessions are creative and fun, but she is also excellent at focussing on core skills and insights necessary to help us write better. I learnt so much on her course, both to do with writing as well as critiquing my own as well as other people’s work. She also has a sharp editorial eye and offers useful feedback. Kath is great at unifying a group and helping us all feel confident to share our work with others. Fantastic. Thanks!

Amanda Speedie, North Cornwall

Kath’s a qualified, experienced teacher and, going beyond the discipline of workshop/class structuring and management, she’s a hawkish editor. You can guarantee she’ll swoop in on baggy prose, writing tics and tonal slips. She reads and researches exhaustively, brings great examples to her sessions, stimulates and provokes in equal measure, helping attendees to sharpen up their writing, and encouraging them to be fearless, confident and to develop strength in their style.

Alison Jones

I just took Kath’s class for fun and was amazed by how much I achieved in a short time. Each session was well planned, interesting, informative and entertaining. She is a genuine, kind and enthusiastic person. I wish I had a teacher like Kath at school, I would have been confident in class.

Dave Wakeling, Cornwall

Kath uses her sensitivity and varied writing/teaching experience to generate a non-threatening but sometimes intense atmosphere of encouragement for the nascent talents of future creative writers. The work is well -paced and informative with stimulating examples from the internet and literary world. The nuts and bolts of writing commercially are interweaved into the journey as confidence rises.

Tony Foster, Penryn

Like a good sports coach, Kath Morgan combines firm guidance with fun and motivation – a real boost for the aspiring writer. I wasn’t sure I had what it takes to be a writer, but with Kath’s patient guidance my skills and confidence grew.  Now I’m working on my first novel. Kath’s group sessions gave me the techniques and confidence to call myself a writer. Kath can help you drag an interesting story from the most unpromising first draft.  Your sloppy writing errors are exposed with good humour, and she inspires you through each re-write to move on with confidence to the next level.

Lyn Hedges, Cornwall

I’ve been on several creative writing courses run by Kath Morgan. She’s an inspiring and supportive tutor. I found her “Writing short stories for women’s magazines” course particularly useful. She gave so much advice and encouragement to all her students. Her one-day courses are also brilliant for getting the creative juices going and for practical advice on particular areas. 

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