What I Offer

Creative Writing Classes at Adult Education in Falmouth – These are instructional courses about the craft of writing and the writing industry. In a supportive environment, you will learn how to write well and how to get published. (Due to Coronavirus, these courses will be subject to the Council’s decision regarding when to re-open classes) FIND OUT MORE


Critique Groups – For honest and constructive feedback on a work in progress, join one of my writing critique groups (now happening online via Zoom) and develop that essential thick skin. Nothing hones your writing skills more effectively than a good critique group. FIND OUT MORE


Editing and Appraisal Services – Whether you are working on a novel, a short story, your memoir or a dissertation, you will need somebody else to cast a critical eye over your work, offer feedback, highlight errors and suggest improvements, all of which can be done remotely. FIND OUT MORE


One-to-One Mentoring This can cover any aspect of your writing journey, from developing your understanding of craft, to identifying suitable pathways to fulfilling your writing ambitions, to compiling your submissions package. In this time of Coronavirus, this would need to take place via Zoom or on the telephone.  FIND OUT MORE


Academic Projects – For those working on academic essays or dissertations, another set of eyes and ears can be invaluable in helping you to clarify your thinking around a subject, find your line of argument, or meet that looming deadline. FIND OUT MORE


Writing Retreats If you really want to spoil yourself, I am co-founder of The Writing Retreat (www.thewritingretreat.co.uk) (Due to Coronavirus, we have suspended our residential retreats for now, and we have moved our retreat days online, where we meet in a Zoom Room and enjoy a half day of writing together online).  FIND OUT MORE


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