What I Offer

I offer a variety of writing services, including:

Creative Writing Class – This runs in Falmouth from September through the academic year. Booking is via Cornwall Adult Education Service, or call 0300 1231 117. Check with CAES for prices as concessions are available for certain groups.

Group Critique Sessions – Critical feedback is essential for every writer, and until you have an agent and/or editor looking at your manuscript, you can learn a great deal from a professionally run critique group. I run these for groups of 4 to 8 people. Times and venues vary, so if you are looking for a critique group to join, do get in touch. The sessions run for 2 and a half hours for up to 6 people, or 3 hours for 8 people. A round of 6 sessions costs £75.

Individual Mentor – I have worked with writers on a variety of projects, from novels to memoir, from travel features to blogs or websites, helping them to review, rewrite and improve their work, and while doing so to learn skills that they can take forward with them to the next draft. My rate is £25 per hour.

Editing and Critiquing Services – My client list includes those working on creative non-fiction projects, as well as novels and short stories, dissertations and articles. Most forms of writing, in fact, except poetry. Services can be delivered in person, online or by phone. My rate is £15 per 1,000 words.

Academic Projects – I work with FXPlus (Falmouth and Exeter University) as a Specialist Study Skills Tutor, offering one to one support with critical reading, academic writing, and constructing essays and dissertations. My rate is £25 per hour.

The Writing Retreat – Pop across to the website for up to date information on our writing retreats in Cornwall. These retreats are such a treat for the writer in you, and they only happen a few times a year. Don’t miss out. 


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